Incite: To Fire Up

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Why am I fired up about healthcare?  Because health care right now is actually “how to be sick care.”  As one professional termed it: healthcare in this country is actually disease management.  I find out I have a disease….my next question is, why do I have the disease and what can I do about it? I challenge you to ask your healthcare profession why.   Sadly the system as we know it is designed to tell you what you have but not why.  This is the crux of the matter.  How can I effectively control my disease if I don’t know why I have it? Why is taking a medication the first solution offered?

Research is your best friend.  What are the contributing factors?  Am I stressed? Do I hate my job? Do I hold on to resentment?  What is my diet like?

Most of us can identify things we’d like to change. The key is asking: What change can I employ in my life today?   Small changes equal great impact.  For today let’s look for ways to reduce sugar.  Replace your soda intake and halve your dessert.  After a week see how you feel.





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