Fabulous Fat




Low-fat, high-fat, saturated fat, non-saturated fat, I’m fat, you’re fat, fat, fat fat.  Why talk about fat?  Because your health engine depends on it.  When was the last time your car ran great without oil?  An engine is defined as a machine with moving parts that converts power into motion.   Your body is a super intelligent turbo engine that is circulating, detoxifying, problem solving, converting nutrients into energy, managing air quality, and rebuilding itself, even when you’re sleeping!  So how will you fuel your engine?

Why is finding the right fuel difficult?  Sadly a long time push for low fat diets and so-called “healthy fat” replacements has flooded the market with food fracked oils that have been proven to increase inflammation.  These oils are marketed as unsaturated, cholesterol free, and ”from the earth.”  When was the last time you picked a ripe canola and squeezed oil out of it?  How about corn?  Any success with your soybeans? These types of oils are heavily genetically modified and food fracked with chemicals in order to extract the oil, which in turn is cheaper to produce and easier to sell.   What about saturated fat?

For so many years saturated fat has been accused of causing coronary artery disease and obesity.  Research however has failed to prove that saturated fat makes us fat or increases the chances of coronary heart disease.  The underlying problem associated with nearly EVERY disease is proving to be inflammation, not saturated fat.  The truth is that your health engine LOVES saturated fat, is partly made of saturated fat, and would much prefer to burn fat as supposed to any other fuel you want to give it.  How do you then choose what kind of fat to fuel your engine?

Choose fabulous fat.   Fat that is grass fed, and real.  If you are cooking, use high heat tolerant fat like MCT oil (coconut), ghee, duck fat, and lard.  Eat real grass-fed butter, avocado, and olive oil.   Stay away from chemically fracked unsaturated fat; anything that says vegetable oil, canola oil, corn oil.

The health benefits of good fat include: improved memory, improved joint health and movement, decreased inflammation, improved mood, and increased energy.  So try giving your health engine the fuel it deserves and may you travel far.


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